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The Child Health & Wellness


Weekly Planner with Symptom & Behavior Tracker

Complete with Medical Information Organizer

ADHD, Sensory, Anxiety,
Behavioral & Medical Conditions

This journal can help you 
keep all of your information together.


8.5" x 11" Spiral Bound

178 pages

Weekly Planner and Symptom Diary Tracker  

September 2019 to December 2020


Daily Rating System - Symptom Tracker

Easy to use. Helps quickly reference areas of interest for observing child’s behaviors and symptoms.

Rating System: 1 circle=Poor  2 circles=Fair   3 circles=Good

Write your notes about: People to contactTo Do, Goals,Weekly Notes, Struggles, Achievements,  Weekly Overview and Appointments


  • Appetite

  • Behavior  

  • Sleep  

  • School Day 

  • Homework  

  • Activities  

  • Appointments

  • Medication

  • 2 extra

General Health information

p 6-10       General Health Information


Doctors & appointment notes

p 11         Pediatrician / Dentist

p 12-13    Specialists: Doctor & Therapists
p 14-20    Appointment Notes

Medication List, Tests & More

p  21         Medications & Supplements    

p  22-25    Medication List

p  26-27    Medical Tests & Evaluations 

p  28         Notes 


Health Care Bills & Expenses

p  29         Health Insurance Information

p  30-35    Health Care Bills & Expenses 

p  36         Notes 


School Information

p  37          School Contacts

p  38-41     School Related Notes
p  42-43     Special Education / Advocate Info
p  44-46     Notes
Child Development & My Notes

p  47-51    Child Development
p  52-53    Nutrition Information
p  54-55    Fitness Information & Notes

p  56         Notes


Monthly Reviews & Notes

p  57-61    Monthly Assessments

p  62-63    Year In Review

p  64-65     Notes

Sections for Important Information

Medical Insurance

Medical and Health Information

School Information


Fitness & Exercise

Monthly Overview Assessments

Additional Notes

Record information regarding doctor and therapy appointments, medications and proceudres. The Therapy & Medical Health Information section has 6 pages dedicated for you to record important information.

Document office visits, medications and more in the Medical Insurance section.

Keep track of communications with school staff, tutors, parent and teacher meetings.​

Set Nutrition goals, foods to avoid and more.

Write down fitness goals and activities to keep your child moving.

using the tracking & rating system

Track your child’s progress each week.

Easy to Use Rating System for quick reference. From appetite and sleep to your own added category.

Easy to use rating scale is based on three basic values – poor, fair and good. Circle in the appropriate rating for easy reference. Blank sections in the last two rows are for you to add categories for your childs specific needs. 

Write down the STRUGGLES or better yet the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of the week so you can see how far you all have come! Parents included!

Use your WEEKLY NOTES to quickly jot down items that need attention or descriptions of events happening.

Make a list of APPOINTMENTS for the week and PEOPLE TO CONTACT.

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