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The Child Health & Wellness Journal
2021 Weekly Planner and Symptom / Health Diary

Keep all of your Child's Health and Medical Information Organized!

Does your child have a condition that needs monitoring?  

This Combined 2021 weekly planner and health diary will help you keep track of your child's health and daily activities to use for quick reference or collecting data over a length of time. Organizing this information for yourself or your child health care professional may save you time and frustration.

The extensive journal is sectioned and designed for notes regarding your child's health, informative doctor appointments, communications with school and much more!


Tabbed Sections for Organizing Health Information

This section is an extensive JOURNAL with multiple pages for important notes in categories such as: Doctor and Therapy Appointments, Health Insurance and Expenses, Medical Tests and Evaluations, Medications (and their effects on your child), School Information and Meeting Notes, Nutrition, Fitness & Exercise, as well as Monthly Assessments. Each section is tabbed for easy reference and has multiple pages for your important notes.


Weekly Planner and Health Diary  


2021 Weekly Planner and Monthly Calendar 

Daily Rating System for the Health Diary

Easy to use. Helps quickly reference areas of interest for observing child’s behaviors and symptoms. These categories include; Appetite, Behavior, Sleep, School Day, Homework, Activities, Appointments, Medications, & your own added category.

Rating System: 1 circle=Poor;  2 circles=Fair;   3 circles=Good

Track your child’s progress each week.

Easy to Use Rating System for quick reference. From appetite and sleep to your own added category.

Write down the STRUGGLES or better yet the Achievements of the week so you can see how far you all have come! Parents included!

Use your WEEKLY NOTES to quickly jot down items that need attention or descriptions of events happening.

Make a list of APPOINTMENTS for the week and PEOPLE TO CONTACT.



9" x 11" Spiral Bound

220 8.5"x11" Inside Pages

6 Tabbed Journal Sections

Double Pocket Folder

2021 Weekly Planner

12 Month Calendar


$55.00 US dollars


Designed, printed and mailed in the USA

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