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This journal

will help keep
your medical



Health & Wellness Journal

Medical Organizer, 6 Month Weekly Planner with Symptom & Activity Tracker

 Neurological / Medical Conditions & Mood Disorder


​Each section contains multiple pages for important note taking.

General Health information

p 6-10       General Health Information


Doctors & Appointment Notes

p 11         General Physician / Dentist

p 12-15    Specialists: Doctor & Therapists
p 16-24    Appointment Notes

Medication List, Tests & More

p  25         Medications & Supplements    

p  26-31    Medication List

p  32-37    Medical Tests & Evaluations 

p  38        Notes 


Health Care Bills & Expenses

p  39         Health Insurance Information

p  40-43    Health Care Bills & Expenses 

p  44-46    Notes 

Wellness & Notes

p  47-49    Mental Well-being
p  50-51    Nutrition Information
p  52-53    Fitness Information & Notes

p  54         Notes


Monthly Reviews & Notes

p  55-59    Monthly Assessments

p  60-61    Year In Review

p  62-66    Notes

6 Month Planner/Symptom Diary

•  Undated Monthly Calendar

•  Six month weekly planner with symptom tracker. Use the diary to monitor your symptoms, sleep, appetite, medications, moods and activities to discuss with your doctor. Keep track of appointments and utilize the To Do list.

The 6 Month Planner / Symptom Diary is a detailed weekly planner with a symptom tracker with an easy rating system for monitoring your daily activities, moods and symptoms.​ 6 Month Undated Planner for any time of the year. Fill in your own dates and use as you need. 


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Write your notes: People to contact,  To Do, Goals, Weekly Notes,  Struggles, Achievements, Weekly Overview and Appointments

Daily Rating System

Easy to use - helps quickly reference areas of interest that need monitoring.

Rating System:

1 circle - Poor

2 circles - Fair

3 circles - Good

Categories Include:

  • Appetite

  • Sleep

  • Work / School Day

  • Mood

  • Activities

  • Appointments

  • Medication

  • 2 extra lines for your
    own specific needs


Undated Fill-In JOURNAL

6 months - fill in dates as you need


9"x11" Spiral Bound   •  144 pages


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